Permit Applications

Building Permits
Building permits are obtained from the Brokenhead River Planning District for all construction within the boudaries of the Town of Beausejour and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead, including the communities of Garson and Tyndall.

Development Officer / Building Inspector –
Telephone:  204-268-6705           E-mail:
Permit Application APPLICATION 2017 2 pages.pdf
Garage/Shop Permit Application APPLICATION (Garage-Shop) 2017 3 pages.pdf
Development Permit Application PERMIT APPLICATION 2017 2 pages.pdf
Demolition Permit PERMIT APPLICATION 2017.pdf
Sign Application APPLICATION 2017.pdf
Inspection List list 2017.pdf
Access Permits
Properties located in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead require an Access Permit for access and culvert installation.  Permit fee is $ 50.00.  Permit applications are available at the R.M. of Brokenhead Office.  Telephone:  204-268-6700

If your site is on a Provincial Road or Highway, an access permit must be obtained from the Department of Highways.  For more information, please contact The Highway Traffic Board at 204-945-8912.
Application forms are also available from our office.

Electrical Permit
Electrical permits must be obtained from the local Manitoba Hydro office on PR 302.
For more information please call 268-1343.

Ventilation System:
Certification of the ventilation system is required prior to occupancy of the dwelling.

Wells and Septic Fields
Permits are required and can be obtained from the Environment Control Office in Lac du Bonnet.
Telephone:  (204) 345-1488