Mission Statement 
The Brokenhead River Recreation Commission (BRRC) strives to enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of individuals and communities through the promotion of recreation and leisure programs and opportunities.
The BRRC is funded jointly by the Town of Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead, which includes the communities of Beausejour, Garson & Tyndall. We encourage and initiate the delivery of public Recreational Programming, which will include, but is not limited to, sports, arts, culture, heritage and leisure.  

Brokenhead River Recreation Commission Board

RM of Brokenhead Councilor - Sean Michaels

Town of Beausejour Councilor - Candice Holigroski

RM of Brokenhead Citizen Representatives -  Ashley Seymour - Treasurer, Alice Young, Stephanie Pituley

Town of Beausejour Citizen Representatives - Shirley Cherrey - Chair, 

Eldon Litke, Robert Lidster

Sunrise School Division Trustee - Alicia Smith

Student Representative - Lexi Niemczyk

If you have recreation ideas, suggestions and information, please reach out!

E-mail Roxane at recprog@mymts.net 

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If you have questions regarding swimming please contact Splash Pool via email at Splashpool@townofbeausejour.com