Code Red 
Code Red
Due to the current state of Covid-19, all recreational facilities in the RM of Brokenhead and Town of Beausejour will be closed until November 30th, when the situation will be re-evaluated. 
If you were scheduled for a program in this time, every effort will be made to re-schedule the program and/or you will be refunded. Our Program Director will reach out to you directly with information. 
In the mean time, we will be encouraging Recreation at a Distance!
Every day we will publish information on our Facebook page on recreational ideas, and weekly we will send out a re-cap email newsletters. Check out our Programs page for recreation at a distance ideas and websites!

The weeks will be structured as follows:
Meal Plan Monday's
Workout Tuesday's
Wellness Wednesday's
Activity Thursday's 
Feel Good Friday's

For recreation ideas, suggestions and information, please reach out!
E-mail Mallory at 

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