Assessment & Taxation

Tax Information 

How Are My Taxes Determined?
Your property taxes are the product of your portioned assessment and the school and municipal mill rates.  Portioned assessment represents the portion of the assessed value of your property that is subject to taxation.

Portioned Assessment  X  (Municipal + School mill rates)  =  Property Tax

Mill Rate
The mill rate is determined by a series of calculations.  Council plans their budget for the fiscal year, deciding which projects they wish to see completed.  Once they have determined how much it will cost to complete the projects and provide services for the municipality, they subtract the revenue and grants they will take in and divide the remainder by the total assessment of the municipality’s land and buildings.

The 2022 residential mill rate for the rural properties in the municipality is 26.392.  The residential mill rate for the Local Urban District of Tyndall-Garson in 2022 is 23.597. 
The mill rate differs between the rural part of the municipality and the LUD of Tyndall-Garson largely from the transportation costs to maintain roadways in each part of the municipality.  Gravel roads are more difficult to maintain than paved streets, as they often require more repairs.  There are also several more miles of gravel roads than paved streets in the whole municipality.

Property Assessment
All properties within the boundaries of the RM of Brokenhead are assessed by the Province of Manitoba Assessment Branch in Selkirk.

Properties are assessed after completion of building a new dwelling or structure in which a building permit was required.  The Province has also adopted a policy in which every property in Manitoba is reassessed every two years to keep assessments more current with the housing market.
Reassessment notices are mailed the year before new assessment values are to take effect.  2023 is a reassessment year and the notices have been sent by the Selkirk Assessment Branch in the summer of 2022.  The deadline for property owners to appeal their 2023 assessments was in September 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns about the assessed value of your property, please contact the Selkirk Assessment Branch at 204-785-5092.

Property owners are eligible for an Education Property Tax Credit Advance on the property that is considered their primary residence in the amount of $350.00.  To receive the tax credit advance, you must be living in that residence as of January 1st, 2023.  If you have been living at your primary residence since January 1st, 2023 or earlier and have NOT received the rebate on your tax bill, you will need to apply for the rebate when you do your 2023 personal income tax.  There are forms that can be completed at our office or available below to apply for the rebate for the 2023 tax year.  The deadline to apply for the EPTCA is April 30th, 2023.
Please refer to: EPTCA Application Form below

Farmland School Tax Rebate
Owners of farm classified property are eligible for a percentage of their taxes for farm land only to be refunded by the Government of Manitoba.  Each year an application form must be completed and submitted to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation in their area.  If you have applied last year, you will automatically receive an application form in the mail.  Forms will be made available at the office once they are released by the Province of Manitoba.  The deadline for the 2022 rebate is March 31st, 2023.

 Levy 2022   2021
 School Levies
 Other (Commercial) 8.713 8.809
 Lord Selkirk School Division 14.447 14.644
 Sunrise School Division 13.311 13.527
 Rural Area Levies
 General Municipal - Rural Areas 7.960 7.757
 General Municipal - At-Large 3.423 3.275
 Lagoon Levy 0.077 0.079
 Firefighting Equipment & Fire Hall 0.171
 Bridge Repair & Replacement 0.212 0.215
 Machinery Reserve  0.193 0.293
 Municipal Services Building 0.043 0.293
 Sun Gro Loan 0.110 0.113
 Garson Arena Loan  0.065  0.085
 Strecker Bridge Loan
 Administration Building Loan  0.147 0.151
 Parking Lot  0.049 0.050 
 2013 Bridge Repairs 0.099 0.102
 Assessment Levy 0.233 0.237
 Local Urban District of Tyndall-Garson
 General Municipal - At-Large 3.423 3.275
 LUD Requirement 5.588 5.425
 Firefighting Equipment & Fire Hall 0.171
 Municipal Services Building   0.043 0.293
 Sun Gro Loan  0.110 0.113
 Garson Arena Loan  0.065 0.085 
 Administration Building Loan  0.147  0.151
 Parking Lot  0.049  0.050
 LUD Garage  0.158  0.168
 Assessment Levy  0.233 0.237