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Public Works

The Public Works Department of the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead employs 8 full time workers year round with additional seasonal employees in the spring, summer and autumn.  Together, the department works to ensure that the roads are maintained, drainage is improved and signage is current.

Municipal Standards
The municipal standards for roads, drainage and infrastructure are adopted by Council.  These standards are to be included in all new development in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead, including the Local Urban District of Tyndall-Garson.

Please refer to: Municipal Standards below.

Road Maintenance
The RM of Brokenhead blades and snowplows approximately 400 miles of roads to keep the residents and visitors of the municipality mobile.  This includes lanes for traveling in both directions.  Please note that Manitoba Transportation & Infrastructure maintains the provincial highways and service roads along the provincial highways and roadways.

Drainage is an issue important to the farming community, as well as residential properties, especially in the spring.  If you have a drainage concern, a Drainage Request Form can be completed and submitted to the Administration Office.  The situation will be assessed, and if need be, a drainage license will be applied for to start the process of repairing or maintaining drainage in that area.

Please refer to: Drainage Request Form below.

Civic Addressing & Signs
Roads running North/South are numbered from Road 33E to Road 48E

Roads running East/West are numbered from Mile 66N to Mile 87N

Yardsite numbering consists of a seven digit number followed by the frontage road.  The first two digits are the road number where numbering begins.  Numbering runs from the west corner of the intersection to the east or from the south corner of the intersection to the north.  The last three digits of the yardsite number are determined by the number of units from the starting intersection. 
There are approximately 8 metres per unit, and 5,280 feet per section.  The north and east sides of the road have odd numbered civic addresses and the south and west sides have even numbered civic addresses.

Example:  A civic address of 79037 Road 46E

Road 46E runs north/south and this numbering means that the yardsite is approximately 37 units north of Mile 79N on Road 46E and is on the east side of the roadway.

The green civic address signs posted at the end of the driveways in the RM of Brokenhead have been provided for the residents by the municipality in an effort to improve 911 services.  The first sign is free, but should it be stolen or damaged, each subsequent sign must be purchased by the property owner.  These can be ordered at the Administration Office.  If your property has not had a civic address, the municipality can assign one and provide a green sign.

Custom Work
The Public Works Department will perform custom work for snowplowing and blading on private property, if and when time permits.  Fees are charged as per the current Manitoba Heavy Construction rental rates in half-hour increments and are billed monthly as stated in Fees and Charges By-Law No. 2093-10.  Contact the Administration Office at 204-268-6710 to request custom work.

Please refer to: By-Law No. 2093-09, Fees and Services – RM of Brokenhead below.
Please refer to: PUB-105 Private Works Policy – RM of Brokenhead below.