LUD of Tyndall-Garson

Welcome to the Local Urban District of Tyndall and Garson.
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The village of Tyndall was founded in 1893.  The limestone that was quarried here still bears the name of tyndall stone.  This stone is now quarried in the neighbouring village of Garson.  The stone quarried here is to be found all over North America and extensively in our older public buildings like the Manitoba Legislative buildings.

The monument at the intersection of Pierson Drive and Hwy #44 (old Historic Hwy #1) was erected from the remains of Old St. Michaels Church whose bell tower served as a landmark for many years.  This newer landmark houses the bells of St. Michaels Church.  In recent years Tyndall has seen a dramatic surge in population owing to the easy commute to Winnipeg and the modest property taxes.  The commute is made safe and easy by divided highway all the way to Winnipeg.

Tyndall has a lot to offer the traveler who chooses to visit.  There is a baseball diamond on Pierson Drive for those who like to swing a bat.  A little further down Pierson Drive, turn left on Church Street to visit Tyndall Centennial Park.  This beautiful 7-acre green space has soccer fields, swings, picnic tables and the Tyndall Centennial Monument which marked the 100th anniversary of the village in 1993.

New business has come to town in the form of small businesses starting up to serve the needs of a growing community.  There are places to dine, a hotel with a cafe and rest rooms, a curling rink, landscapers and small specialty shops.

Thanks for stopping to say hello, we hope you will call again.

Garson was incorporated as a village in 1915.  The village was named after William Garson who was the founder of the limestone quarry in the region during the early 1900s.  Garson, along with the neighbouring community of Tyndall, has provided the famous fossil-filled Tyndall stone used to build the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, the Manitoba Legislature and many other well-known buildings across Canada.  The longest running dimensional stone quarry is a spectacular sight.  The area surrounding Garson is rich prairie farmland.

While in Garson, visit the Garson Sportfishing Park that is open year-round and offers stocked fishing ponds as well as a bait and tackle shop.

Local Urban District of Tyndall-Garson
The Local Urban District encompasses the villages of Tyndall and Garson, as well as Henryville midway between.  A three member committee oversees the maintenance of parks, roads and drainage.  The LUD Committee also oversees the issues of by-law enforcement for its residents in cases such as noise, burning and unsightly property.

For questions or concerns regarding any of the above issues, please contact the LUD of Tyndall-Garson at:

Box 174
Tyndall, Manitoba
R0E 2B0

The LUD Committee meets at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Tyndall Village Community Club, 69 Pierson Drive.  Meetings are open to the public.
Next meeting:  June 10th, 2024